Land Acquisition & Administration

We offer professional services in land acquisitions, disposals, administrations and negotiations for facilitation of infrastructure developments.

With many years of experience in negotiations we always save our client time and money on acquisition and disposal of land.

Our services include the following:

  • Land acquisitions and disposal Administration
  • Property ownership investigations and verifications (i.e. Locate legal owner of property affected and conduct market research to obtain all relevant data related required for public infrastructure development).
  • Negotiate with owner for the acquisition of land and/or rights
  • Liaise with Government Entities and Landowners to coordinate and see through the expeditious resolution of any challenges
  • Preparation of “offer to purchase” agreements for the client
  • Facilitation for expropriation in the event of "failed negotiations"
  • Calculation of land compensation fees
  • Facilitation of registration of servitudes
  • Land and property audits and preparation of comprehensive property asset registers.